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Back-up Cylinder

The Back-up
Medox Healthcare will provided you with a back-up oxygen cylinder in case of a power failure or concentrator malfunction. The cylinder when full has 2000 pounds of pressure in it. The cylinder must be held in place with a cylinder stand, provided by Medox Healthcare. A regulator will be attached to the oxygen cylinder by a company technician and explain its operation.

The Regulator
Attaches to the top of the back-up cylinder and consists of two gauges. One gauge is the pressure or contents gauge. This gauge tells you how much oxygen is in the cylinder. The other gauge is the flow gauge. This gauge shows you how much oxygen is flowing from the cylinder. It is marked in liters per minute (LPM). There is a liter control knob on the regulator that will adjust the liter flow.

Operating the Back-up

  1. Slowly open the cylinder valve (the black knob on top of the tank) counterclockwise. The needle in the pressure gauge will register the amount of oxygen in the cylinder.
  2. Check the flow gauge and adjust the liter flow with the liter control knob. Make sure you set the liter flow to the prescribed liter flow rate.
  3. Attach the supply tube to the regulator. Fit the nasal canula or mask to the patient.

Turning off The Back-up

  1. Turn the cylinder valve clockwise.
  2. DO NOT TURN FLOW KNOB - leave the flow knob set at the patients liter flow, this will allow the oxygen to bleed out of the regulator.
  3. Check to make sure the contents gauge drops to zero.

Need to know how much time is left in a cylinder?
Below is a program that will calculate the time remaining in your back-up oxygen cylinder. Here are the steps to follow:
1. Choose your cylinder size.
Back-up size is "M"
2. Choose your liter flow from the drop down menu
3. Choose the pressure (Look at the pressure gauge attached to your regulator and find the nearest pressure reading below).
4. Click on "Get Tme Left".

Select cylinder size

Select patients liter flow

Select the nearest pressure gauge reading

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